Personal Information for Disclosure

Personal information that is subject to disclosure refers to information concerning the personal information of employees which is managed or organized in a database, and consists of information authorized by the individual to be disclosed, edited, added or deleted, requested to be terminated, removed or restricted to be shared with third parties. If any of the following is pertinent, then it is not considered personal information subject to disclosure.

  1. If the individual is notified of the purpose of use, or the information disclosed publicly threatens the individual or a third party, or risks causing danger physically, financially or in any other way to the individual or third party.
  2. If notifying the individual or publicly disclosing the information risks damaging the rights of a company or its justifiable profits.
  3. In the event that it is necessary for us to cooperate with official business designated by the local or national government, and reporting the purpose of use of personal information, or publicly disclosing said information runs the risk of hindering government business.

a) Name of Employee or Title

Rabbit Japan LLC 安井洋介:Yosuke YASUI

b) Name of personnel in charge of personal information

安井洋介:Yosuke YASUI

c) Intended Use of Disclosed Personal Information

Your personal information will be used by third parties where needed concerning products, technology and services we provide, within the scope of justifiable necessity for conducting business, so determined by our company.

Limit of Intended Use
  1. Personal Information of Employees
    Used for official business (system development, protection, providing human resources for operation) and internal business as well as benefits.
  2. Business-related Personal Information
    For the use of liaison business with our clients and partners.
  3. Personal Information for Recruitment
    For the use of business related to recruitment of employees.

d) Claims Concerning the Use and Handling of Personal Information

Rabbit Japan LLC 安井洋介:Yosuke YASUI
Contact TEL: 050-3554-7604

e) Name of Certified Personal Information Protection Agency and Personnel In Charge

Privacy Mark System Certified and Designated Agency

JIPDEC Personal Information Protection and Claims Consultation Room
Zip 106-0032 Roppongi First Bldg. Roppongi 1-chome 9-9, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL. 0120-700-779

f) Procedure Concerning Request for Disclosure

  1. Requests for Disclosure
    Rabbit Japan LLC Yousuke 安井洋介:Yosuke YASUI
    〒192-0084 東京都八王子市三崎町4番11号5A
    TEL. 050-3554-7604
  2. Request for Disclosure Forms(Style), and other Methods
    Application for Request of Personal Information Disclosure (Style No. 033)
  3. Method of confirming the identity of the person or proxy requesting disclosure.
    Applicant must show either a valid driver’s license or copy of his/her health insurance card.
    *When submitting a copy of the driver’s license, be sure to black out the section stating permanent domicile.
    Application fee: an application fee will be collected in the form of stamps needed for return postage.
    *Please bring in person or include in the envelope if mailing in the application.
    *Handling fees will not be charged if applicant is merely correcting information concerning personal information to be disclosed, or concerning suspension of use.