1)Rental period

Rental period begins on the date designated by the customer on the website.
The beginning date and ending date will determine the rental period.
If you exceed the due date, the actual day you return the device will be the ending date for the rental period.


We do not charge a handling fee.
Rental fees will incur even if you do not use the device, as long as you have it in your possession.
A shipping fee of ¥0 will incur for airport pick-ups. This includes shipping for both delivery and return.
If you extend the use of your device without prior notice, an extra late fee of ¥972 will be charge per day.

3)Payment Methods

We only accept payment by credit cards.
The rental fee will be charged on the day designated by your credit card company rules.
Any additional late fees will be charged to your credit card.

4)Loss and/or Malfunction of the Device

If the device is broken or dropped in water due to the mishandling of the device by the customer, then the customer will be liable for repairs or the cost of the device, according to the rental terms.
Loss or theft of the device will incur the cost of the device, regardless of the customer’s error or mishandling of the device.