Presales Questions

When should I order?
Please order online at least 3 days prior to your pick up date. It takes a few days to send one to Okinawa. Please order at least a week ahead if you would like to pick up at Okinawa. Placing order in advance is highly recommended. For urgent needs, please contact by e-mail or Line.

Pick up and returning devices

Do you deliver to a residence or my friend’s house in Japan?
Yes, We also deliver to a residence. To deliver to residential addresses, we need to include a resident name on the package. For apartments or condos, please include room number as well.
Is there any other place to return the devices except my hotel?
Please put the devices into enclosed envelope and drop into a post box. There are many post boxes in Japan even in rural areas. You can use post boxes around the corners, in convenience stores or post offices. You may also ask your hotels reception desk to return the package. Most hotels return it for you.

Pick up outside of Japan

Can I pick up my own country?
At the moment, you can not. Now, we are preparing for it.
How do I receive the package at the hotel?
The package will be delivered to the front desk of the hotel. Please ask your hotel reception when you check in.
Do you deliver to Hokkaido? Okinawa?
Yes, we do. We deliver to anywhere in Japan as well as the post office at Narita Airport or Kansai Airport with no extra charge. Please order online at least a week ahead if you would like to pick up at Okinawa. If you are visiting Hokkaido, please order 5days before your arrival.
Do I pay for postage when I return?
A. No. It is all included. Please use the enclosed pre-paid envelope to return.
Where can I pick up the airport?
We deliver to the post office at the airport. Please make sure to pick up during their opening hours. Airport Counter


What should I do if the devices were damaged?
Please contact by email or Line.

Pre-paid SIM

Can I order from your website?
At the moment, we accept orders by email only. Please send an email with following information.
  1. Name
  2. Date of Start
  3. Date of End
  4. Address (Your hotel or a residence including a resident’s name and room number)
  5. Size of SIM : microSIM , nanoSIM
  6. Quantity
  7. Data amount/month: 1GB,2GB,5GB,25GB ※discount rate is available for long term users who is using longer than one month. ※Rates (April.2017 Tax included)
    • 1GB¥2,160
    • 2GB¥2,808
    • 5GB¥3,564
    • 25GB¥5,400

Settings & Technicals

iPhone setting
  1. connect to a Wi-Fi (At a convenient time in your country)
  2. open safari browser
  3. download https://rainbowifi.com/rinc/rinc_Profile.mobileconfig QRコード
  4. Insert a SIM card
  5. Turn on iPhone.
  6. make sure the SIM card is activated.
Android setting
  1. Tap [Settings].
  2. Go to [Mobile networks] by tapping [WIRELESS & NETWORKS] > [More].
  3. Select [Access Point Names], and tap on [+] or [New APN]. Enter the [APN], [Username], [Password], as shown above.
    • [APN]dm.jplat.net
    • [Username]rinc@rinc
    • [PASSWORD]rinc
  4. Select [Save] from Menu. Make sure the APN you created is selected.
  5. Go back to HOME and check if you can browse the website.
When you can not connect.
  • Step1. Flight mode on / off
  • Step2. Turn data roaming on / off
  • Step3. Delete unused APN settings.
  • Step4. reboot


Should you have any further assistant, please do not hesitate to contact(24/7) https://rainbowifi.com/contact/
LINE Support [English,Japanese,Thai,etc] We will send an email to the applicant.